Member Benefits

When women get together, amazing things can happen! 

Women of Waco members get the inside track on the issues facing their local communities, needs of others in the group, and most importantly, needs of each member that can possibly be met by telling the others in the group what their opportunities are. 

Member benefits also include advertising your business within the scrolling ads section of our website, which is included in your annual Women of Waco membership cost of $75.

Members can bring products to the meetings to share with others, share information about upcoming events, deliver business cards, brochures and have an opportunity to be the Business Luncheon Sponsor and/or Program Speaker. 

Another benefit to being a WOW member is that Women of Waco is a member of both the Waco Chamber of Commerce and Hewitt Chamber of Commerce. This allows us to stay current on upcoming event and other notifications from other local networking groups in our community.

Succeeding today is all about what you know, who you know and who knows you!