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Alissa Cady Greater Hewitt Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director

The Greater Hewitt Chamber has been serving Hewitt and its surrounding communities since 1978, and we work closely with the City of Hewitt on business, economic and community development. The Greater Hewitt Chamber also works to promote tourism and serves as a visitor bureau for Hewitt. Our membership includes businesses located inside Hewitt as well as those with customers living in the greater Hewitt area. Approximately 32% of our membership is located within Hewitt’s city limits, and more than half of Hewitt’s businesses are members. Our City has been recognized on a national level for its affordability, safety and quality of life, while Midway ISD has also received national recognition for the high quality of education our students receive. Hewitt has experienced a tremendous amount of commercial growth recently due to its convenient location and favorable business climate.

The Greater Hewitt Chamber also serves as a resource for greater Hewitt residents and visitors to Hewitt. Our Chamber is proud to regularly partner with other chambers in our county, as well as the City of Hewitt and City of Woodway. We believe strong regional relationships benefit both our business members and Hewitt residents, since a strong regional economy means more jobs and opportunities for residents.

One of the ways we fulfill our mission of promoting tourism to Hewitt is by adverting Hewitt’s hotels along the I35 corridor through marketing materials. Our Chamber hosts community events that have contributed to Hewitt being recognized for an outstanding quality of life. We are honored to serve the Hewitt community!

If you have any questions, please call our office at (254) 666-1200.

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101 3rd St.
Hewitt, Texas 76643

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May 12, 2011

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New Member Chair 2011 & 2012 President 2013

Alissa Cady Hewitt Chamber Executive Director

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