About Us

How we came to be:

It all started as a conversation among a small group of women friends about how energetic it is to get a group of women together. We had all previously been a part of other volunteer groups, clubs and networking/lead generating organizations, but none that could fill the role of women helping women with a focus of supporting, encouraging and empowering one another that a group of "just men" could never create. Nothing against men, but women are so powerful together!

With a lot of discussion, meetings and great food, we created Women of Waco.  The ideas started coming and the energy level grew. Through it all, we realized that women actual need each other even more than we had originally thought.

We delight over thinking of a strong foundation that is being built, first introductions that will grow into best friends and how many women in our community need us, just like we needed each other. We couldn’t wait to share our plans and set our goals, learn from our mistakes along the way, and have a team of women from different businesses, different ages, different backgrounds and different daily challenges.

The networking capabilities, the referrals and ideas to grow your business and yourself are in this group. The humor and love that we all long for can also be found in this group. Sometimes you just have to put your heart into something and watch it grow. That’s how we got started with the Women of Waco.